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Structure of Corrugated Board Production Line

May. 14, 2021
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The Corrugated Board Production Line is abbreviated as the tile line, which is the key production equipment of the corrugated box production enterprise. The corrugated board production line is the most important production line equipment in the carton packaging enterprise, including wet end equipment, cadre equipment, production management system and other important components.

Single Facer Machine

Single Facer Machine

1. Wet end equipment configuration

In the whole corrugated board production line, the wet end equipment is the key equipment for corrugating forming, which mainly involves the influence of raw paper, glue, steam, and other factors on the quality of paper forming. Therefore, the problem to be solved is the problem of cardboard quality. The key equipment of the wet end of the single-sided corrugator should be advanced technology equipment, the positive pressure cassette type single-sided machine. The numerical display of the adjustable gap and the control of the amount of glue are very important.

2. Cadre equipment configuration

Among cadre equipment, Corrugated Board Slitting Machine is the equipment that affects work efficiency, and its selection is very important. The knife in the slitting machine should be movable, and the dust-proof treatment of the cutting knife and the crimping guide should be considered when purchasing the Taiwan tile wire, because in actual use, the dust from the knife will fall on the smooth guide rail. It is difficult to move the knife or the crimping wheel when the knife is arranged, and the phenomenon of frequent shutdown. The minimum interval between the crimping wheels should ensure the actual value of the positioning method of the 50mm cutting line and the accuracy of the arranging knife. Some manufacturers claim that it can reach +? mm, but in practice there will be an error of 1-2mm, so personnel are required Frequent testing, low efficiency; several methods of crimping wheel, can meet the requirements of multiple types of crimping.

3. Production management system

In addition to monitoring the production site, the production management system must have complete production data collection, statistics, and print output. For example: the printing of production schedule, the printing of production paper stock list, and the printing of production labels. Among them, the production label requires buyers and suppliers to require that the output format be consistent with the format of their own manufacturers, and the production management system must be fully functional, but in many cases there is no configuration, and you have to spend money to buy again when needed.

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